Negative Energy

Raju Guru Ji

Negative energy is true if we accept the fact, when it's good there, it will be bad too. This negative energy exists around us because of a great deal of people, places, planetary transformations in our charts and birth conditions. Our negative infections often break our personal thrust around us that will lead to many problems in life. It leads to mental tension, psychological problems, health problems, financial problems, career problems and the list is endless. But there is no place to be scared with the divine presence of Pandit Raju Ji, a famous Vedic astronomer, psychic reader and spiritual savior in the Los Angeles, U.S.A. It will eliminate all the negative energy of your life and home using ancient Vedic techniques of energy cleaning.

It will use 'tantras' (methods) and teach you 'mantras' to get rid of negative energy from your life. You can also make some 'puffs', 'hawanas' (offerings) to abolish the negative effects created due to planetary transformations in your birth chart according to the instructions given by it. The 'Nava Graha Homa' (nine planets that you offer) may also be prescribed by it to please the nine planets that control your life. It is also suggested that some 'Yantras' (loom) will be placed in your home to ban negative energy from your environment, and it can give you some breathtaking amulets to increase your positive energy and broadcast against all kinds of negative. Do not be scared by negative energy and its poor effects as Pandit Raju ji is there to get rid of the negative energy of your life for ever. Take him today and see the benefits.


can i change my futute?

According to your horoscope pandit Raju can tell you the remedies to get a better life and can achieve there goals

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Experienced and most powerful than others astrologers in Australia. Expert in palm readings, job problems, love , relationship, negative energy removals

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